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[Video] 5 Pro Tips for Seed Sowing Success

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Want to reduce work and ensure maximum germination? Try these 5 seed sowing tips from the garden pros, to make things easier on yourself, as well as increase your chances of success.

Have you ever planted some seeds in your garden, and waited…and waited…and waited…but nothing happened?

As a gardener, I’m sure this has happened to you a time or two – and it can be really frustrating! Eventually, you probably ended up starting all over again, never knowing what happened to your first batch of seeds.

Or perhaps a bunch of tiny seedlings came up, but most of them seemed to be weeds, and you weren’t sure where your actual crops were…

Well, don’t worry – we’ve got some helpful tips for making sure this doesn’t happen to you this year!

This short video shares some great ideas for making planting seeds easier, as well as ensuring germination and seed placement and spacing. (The toilet paper ideas are especially simple and helpful!)

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