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[Infographic] Companion Planting Guide

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Do you plant your garden in neat rows, with different sections or beds for each type of crop? If so, you’re missing out on the great benefits of companion planting! This helpful guide shows you what grows well together.

Any sustainable gardener knows that some plants just seem to grow well together. But why is that? The scientific explanation is that each type of plant requires a slightly different combination of nutrients. By placing plants together that use different nutrients, your garden can support a more diverse range of crops, and some crops will enhance the soil with nutrients that other crops need.

In this way, certain plants support each other in a symbiotic relationship that creates better results all around.

Herbs are especially helpful, as certain herbs and flowers attract or repel beneficial or harmful insects. By incorporating herbs into your garden, rather than planting them separately, you will create a more healthy, balanced, and sustainable garden environment.

This nifty companion planting guide graphic from the Afristar Foundation shows which crops grow best together. Use this guide to mix it up a little this year, and see how much better your garden produces!

Just with the plant on the left, and follow the table across to see which plants grow well with it, and which ones you should not plant close to it. (Need more detail? Grab this handy companion planting guide resource.)

Companion planting guide graphic

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