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A Soil Fertility Experiment

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This simple experiment (shown below) demonstrates just how important soil fertility is for the health of your garden plants.

Growing a garden takes work, but it can be a lot less work if you do it right.

One of the most important things (if not THE most important) for a great garden is healthy and fertile soil. In fact, without it, as the picture below demonstrates, your garden is really going to struggle – if it grows at all.

While there are plenty of other factors that go into growing a successful garden (sunlight, water, temperature, etc.), soil is one aspect that you do have quite a bit of control over. And once you get it right, as long as you keep feeding and nurturing your soil, you can ensure continued garden success.

Remember to use only organic and natural materials for improving your garden soil. Chemical fertilizers can cause imbalances in nutrients, and can even kill off some of the valuable soil microbes that help your plants absorb the nutrients they need!

In this experiment, Marjorie from The Grow Network planted cucumbers and tomatoes in two different types of soil. Light, temperature, and water were all kept constant among them. You can easily see the huge difference between the two sets of plants!

Soil fertility experiment

Learn more about the experiment & the soils she tested at


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