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[Video] 7 Easy Tips for Growing Delicious Organic Carrots

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Carrots are a delicious addition to your garden, and they’re quite easy to grow! Here are a few helpful tips for growing organic carrots.

Sweet, crunchy, and super healthy, carrots should be a staple in any gardener’s garden, regardless of whether you grow in containers or in the ground.

Carrots are quite easy to grow, and generally suffer from few problems, so they are great for organic gardens. They come in a wide variety of interesting colors and shapes, and if you have kids, they will especially love trying some of these alternatives!

You can plant them in succession for continuous harvest throughout the summer and fall. If you have heavy soil, be sure to amend with plenty of compost, dig well, and remove any rocks. This will help prevent your carrots from forking. Or you can grow them in containers filled with potting soil. Just be sure to keep them well-watered, as carrots tend to bolt if they get too dry.

The short video below shares some helpful tips for growing great organic carrots in your garden:

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