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[Video] Can You Garden Without Plastic?

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As a sustainable gardener, you want to do all that you can to protect the environment, but can you successfully garden without plastic? Watch this video for some helpful tips for a plastic-free garden…

Plastic is everywhere in today’s world, and we are just beginning to recognize its true environmental impact. Even in natural environments like our garden, the use of plastic seems to be unavoidable – but is it really? As sustainable gardeners, we strive to minimize our carbon footprints and build a healthy ecosystem. Using plastic seems antithetical to these goals – but can you really garden without plastic?

The short video below shares some helpful tips for making more sustainable choices in the garden, from sowing seeds, to crop protection, to keeping your garden harvests fresh without using plastic. Try these garden- and planet-friendly plastic alternatives to grow a healthier and more sustainable garden that’s better for both you and the planet we live on!

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