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[Video] Easy Methods for Protecting Your Garden From Frost

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Winter is coming… Is your garden ready? Here are a few tips for protecting your garden from freezing temperatures.

Winter is fast approaching, and depending on where you are located, frost may have already arrived in your garden – or it may still be a couple of weeks away. Whether you are trying to extend your season to get the last bit of produce out of your summer garden, or protecting cold-hardy crops into the winter months, there are a number of options for protecting your garden from freezing temperatures.

Here in central Ohio, we have successfully harvested cabbages as late as February, and have had collards and kale survive all the way through until spring for an early crop of spring greens. This winter we are attempting kohlrabi and chard as well, and trying to keep our lettuces and fall salad greens alive for as long as possible – Christmas would be nice! So far, the rainy, cool weather has not proved too challenging for them, so we will see how it goes…

The short video below describes several different options for protecting your garden, depending on whether you are trying to extend your season or keep your garden going through the winter, as well as a few tips for preparing your garden before the ground freezes.


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