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[Video] How to Enrich Your Garden Soil for a Great Harvest This Year

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Here are a few helpful tips for enriching your garden soil to ensure a great garden this year!

As all experienced gardeners know, rich soil is the key to a healthy and successful garden. Healthy garden soil means healthy plants, with bigger and healthier harvests – and even better-tasting fruits and veggies!

No matter what type of soil you have, it can always benefit from added organic matter. Compost, leaves, grass clippings and cover crops can all add to your soil’s health and fertility. Even no-till gardeners need to pay attention to soil health, and the video includes a few tips for the no-till folks as well.

Give your garden crops a great start this spring by ensuring your soil is in top-notch condition!

Watch the video below for 5 simple tips for enriching your garden soil, and preparing your garden for the growing season ahead.

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