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[Video] How to Find The Best Location For Your Vegetable Garden Beds

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Spring is just around the corner, and it’s almost time to prepare your garden beds! This short video shares some helpful tips for determining the best placement for your crops to maximize your garden’s productivity.

Although we had a few chilly days this week, they were matched by several days of warm spring showers. It’s not quite here just yet, but spring is definitely on the way!

Once the ground has thawed, you will want to start preparing your garden beds. If you need to add compost, it is best to do so a few weeks prior to planting, so I like to fork in some compost early in the spring and then let the beds sit and mellow for a while.

This helpful video shares some tips for properly placing your garden beds to maximize their productivity by proper use of light, shade, water, air flow, and more.

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