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[Video] Fun & Functional Herb Garden Design Ideas

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Spice up your garden this year with these attractive and functional herb garden design ideas!

Herbs are a great way to spice things up both in the kitchen and in the garden. They provide a wide array of unique flavors and aromas to just about any dish, transforming a bland meal into an exciting one. In the garden, herbs add color, scent, and visual interest, and many of them provide a habitat for beneficial insects, while confusing or repelling garden pests.

Even better, herbs are generally easy to grow, and fit into just about any sized space you have available for them. Some herbs can be grown as a colorful and interesting border for beds or pathways, while others can even be used as a ground cover to prevent soil erosion – and they’ll smell great when you walk on them!

This short video offers some fun and functional herb garden design ideas to help you grow an attractive variety of herbs in your garden, regardless of its shape or size.

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