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[Video] Gardening Advice Gone Wrong: 7 Gardening Myths Debunked!

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There is loads of gardening advice out there, but how much of it is wrong? There are a number of gardening myths that could affect your results, or simply needlessly increase the amount of work you’re doing in your garden.

You’ve probably heard many or most of these myths, and you may even have tried some of them, with poor results. Myths like these can raise a lot of questions.

Should you always plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day? Are eggshells effective against slugs?

By distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to answering questions like these, you can save time (and potentially money), as well as avoiding the disappointment of a lackluster garden this year.

This quick video reveals the truth about 7 of the most common gardening myths, and some better ways to tackle these common gardening problems.

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