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[Video] Grow Gorgeous Garlic Every Time

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Garlic is an amazing medicinal food, and it’s also very easy to grow. Here are a few tips for a great harvest…

Earlier this week, we shared a few medicinal plants that you can easily grow in your garden. However, one very important one that we forgot to mention is garlic! Not only is this potent bulb delicious in so many recipes, it also packs a real antioxidant punch, and it is well-known in holistic medicine as an amazing superfood with all sorts of healing properties.

Garlic is probably one of the easiest medicinal plants to grow – all it usually needs is a nice, sunny spot, and good drainage. It is best planted in the fall, at a time when you’re likely not planting much else in your garden, which gives it a special status in many gardener’s hearts.

This short video explains how to plant, harvest, and store garlic for an amazing crop every time:

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