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[Video] How to Freeze Summer Squash (No-Blanching Method)

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Zucchini and summer squash are one of those things that you probably have way too much of this time of year. There are several methods of preserving your extra summer squash, but in today’s video, you’ll learn how to freeze summer squash using the no-blanching method.

If you’re not going to blanch the summer squash, you will need to grate it. This is pretty fast and easy to do using a box grater, but if you have a huge amount of squash, you can also use your food processor with the grater blade.

This is a great way to preserve extra summer squash and zucchini for the winter, and you can use it in lots of things, from zucchini bread, muffins, to chocolate zucchini cake (my family’s favorite!). You can also throw it into sauces and stews – it will add some nice veggies to your meal, and your kids probably won’t even notice!

Check out the video:


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