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[Video] How to Grow Early Spring Peas

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Too early to plant peas? Maybe not, with this nifty idea! Check out this unique method of giving your spring peas a head start.

Is there anything better than fresh spring peas? I don’t think so! In some areas, depending on climate, you may be able to start peas directly outdoors in March. But if you live in the Northern half of the U.S., this might not be possible yet. Instead, why not try giving them an early start in a coldframe or hoop house – or even a sunny window?

While peas are not a crop that you usually want to transplant, as they don’t like their roots disturbed, this unique planting method allows you to start your peas early, and put them out in the garden as soon as the soil warms enough to be worked.

Watch this quick video to see how you can re-use pieces of old guttering to grow early spring peas!

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