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[Video] How to Grow Lots of Lovely Lettuce In Your Garden

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Lettuce is quick and easy to grow, and looks lovely both in the garden and on your dining table!

While it may seem like such a simple vegetable, lettuce is one of my all-time favorite things to grow in my garden! It grows quickly, provides an abundance of leaves over a fairly long period of time (depending, of course, on the weather and climate conditions), and can be grown just about anywhere – including in containers.

But my absolute favorite thing about lettuce is the huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and types that are available. Not only does lettuce provide tasty salads for our spring and fall eating pleasure, but it also comes in so many beautiful colors, textures, and leaf shapes! Whether you are growing loose-leaf lettuce or heads, you are sure to find numerous varieties that will look lovely both in your garden and in your salad bowl.

Lettuce grows best in slightly cooler weather, so here in Ohio, it produces best for us in the late spring and early fall. Late July to early August is the best time for planting for the fall, unless you have a longer growing season, in which case, you can plant it a little later.

This quick video shares some helpful tips for planting, growing, and harvesting lettuce in your own garden:


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