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[Video] The Perfect Compost Recipe

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Feed your garden well this year with this simple compost recipe!

Compost is often known as “black gold,” “garden gold, or “the organic gardener’s best friend” – and with good reason. Compost is the absolute best food you can give to your garden plants! Unlike purchased fertilizers which usually contain only one or two essential nutrients, homemade compost contains a full spectrum of nutrients, as well as important soil microbes and bacteria that help feed your plants and improve your soil over time.

While you can make compost simply by throwing all of your kitchen and garden waste into a heap and leaving it for a couple of years, if you want faster and better results, having the right recipe can really help. The video below explains how to create the perfect compost recipe for your garden, including what materials to include, which ones to avoid, and how to fix common composting problems.

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