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[Video] You Versus Weeds: Winning the War

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Learn how to keep weeds under control in your organic garden…

We all battle weeds in our gardens to some degree – it’s just part of gardening. After all, if your soil is healthy and fertile enough to grow bountiful crops, weeds will want a piece of the action, too!

While you don’t need to trouble yourself too much about some weeds, others can be particularly frustrating and difficult to get rid of – especially when you run into those tough perennial weeds that seem determined to rule your garden with an iron fist (or root)!

This short video discusses several strategies for keeping weeds under control in your vegetable garden – including organic and chemical-free methods for controlling annual versus perennial weeds, ridding your garden of particularly tough weeds, and how to make sure you stay on top of new weeds to keep them from taking over the garden again.


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