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    • Rose S.

      Hi Ron, Thanks for reaching out! Hmmm… It looks like you are subscribed, so I’m not sure why you haven’t been receiving the emails… I will reset the subscription and hopefully that will help. Let me know if you still haven’t gotten anything in the next day or so.


    • ron landskroner

      I was unable to register for the free series. Kindly send a link or advise otherwise.

      Ron Landskroner

    • Rose S.

      Hi Cora, thanks for reaching out! We are always happy to accept well-written guest posts on relevant topics for our blogs. Please feel free to send us some ideas that you have in mind and we will let you know which will work best for our audience.


    • cora cora

      Hello There,

      I hope you are doing well!

      This is Cora, a passionate writer covering a wide range of topics like health, home improvement, fashion, automotive, environment, businesses, construction and many more.

      While surfing the Internet, I just found your website  and it looks quite interesting to me. I’ve also read most of your blog pieces and I’d like to contribute a post on your website.

      I am emailing you to inquire if you are currently accepting guest posts? I have been following your blog and noticed some of the topics are of great interest to me and relate to the industry I write about.

      I would be providing you with unique and specific content to post on your blog with 1000+ words content with high-resolution images which will help you to get target traffic. Please let me know if this sounds good to you so that we can start working together.

      And we will contribute blogs regularly on your site. Hope to have a positive response soon from you.


    • Rose S.

      Hi Joyce, thanks for your question. The answer can vary, depending on the type of weed as well as other factors such as the weather. Some tough weeds – for example, poison ivy, may require repeated sprayings, while others will die off after just one spray. For best results, apply on a hot, sunny day, as the sun on the sprayed leaves will help amplify the effect. Avoid applying just before a rain, as the water can help wash off the spray and rejuvenate the weeds.

      Good luck!

    • Joyce Miller

      Just a ? Your “Weed be gone” spray, how long does the “kill” last? My husband will not let me use it, because his impression is that weeds come back. Have you got any hard data to help? Thanks

    • Rose S.

      Hi Danny,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, we accept guest posts as long as they are well-written and relevant to the topics of sustainable or organic gardening. You can email your post to and we will schedule it into our rotation. I would also be happy to check out the affiliate program, so feel free to send details on that as well!

    • Hi guys,

      My name is Danny Donchev, and I would like to ask if you accept high-quality guest posts?

      P.S We are also open for business collaboration with you. We also have a great affiliate program if you are interested.

      Let me know!

    • Rose S.

      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your question. While I haven’t tried it, myself, I would think it would not work well for sweet potatoes because many varieties tend to sprawl out underground and need room to grow. However, there are some varieties that do grow the roots right under the plant like white potatoes, so for those, this method may work. However, I believe sweet potatoes do not grow potatoes along the stem like white potatoes do, so this may not increase your yield after all. I would suggest doing a small test experiment if you want to try it – with just a plant or two! Make sure you choose a variety that does grow their crop right under the plant instead of spreading out. Good luck!

    • Jamie

      I’ve seen lots of ways to increase your potato yields (barrels, tires) and was wondering if those methods would also work with sweet potatoes/yams.


    • Natalie

      Thank you so much for your previous partnership with us here at the National Farmers Union. As our next Growing for the Future conference is approaching, we are looking to continue our partnership with you! This conference is intended to provide plentiful information and resources for beginning farmers and ranchers. We had 1,100 beginning farmers and ranchers sign up from all 50 states in 2016.

      Should you choose to continue this partnership, you will have the ability to post your materials on our conference website, survey our producers, post your logo and ads, and participate in giveaways.

      If you could please provide us with a current logo and the contact information for a point person, that would be very helpful. Remember to also include any resources and ads you would like to post. We will ask for promotion of this conference via email, social media, etc., but will provide that marketing material to you when the time comes.

      We are currently partnered with the USDA, National Young Farmer Coalition and Farmer Veteran Coalition for the December 2017 conference and hope you will join in with us.

      Our conference registration link is now available!

      Please feel free to contact Melissa Miller at with any questions or further inquiries you may have.

      Thank you

    • Rose S.

      Hi Therese, I sent you an email. Feel free to send me some links to review and I would be happy to share if they are relevant for our audience.


    • Hello there,

      My name is Therese and we operate an influencer marketing outreach service. We believe that your high-quality website(s) would be ideal to feature some of our clients via the use of article content.

      We are interested in providing regular content that will keep your readers entertained.

      Please can you get back to me with a follow up email?

      I look forward to your reply.

      Best Regards,
      Therese Lopez

      iNet Ventures – Blogger Outreach Service
      Email: therese [at]
      Telephone Number: 07766338865
      Website: inetventures [dot] co [dot] uk

      sustainablegardeningnews [dot] com

    • The National Farmers Union is excited to announce “Growing for the Future,” a free beginning farmer and rancher conference that will be held completely online! We’re proud to have lined up a number of high-profile presenters, farmer-to-farmer webinars, live Q&A, a discussion board, a resource center, and free giveaways throughout this three-day event.

      Our goal is to continue to grow the movement of new farmers and continue to grow our food system. The conference will focus on a number of beginning farmer and rancher issues that I think folks in your network could gain great insight on, including: mentorship, business planning, USDA programs, student loans, land tenure, food safety, women and veterans in farming, conservation, and much more!

      We’ll be promoting the conference to all of our members, and would really appreciate your help in getting beginning farmers and ranchers excited and signed up for this event. We are happy to post your logo to our landing page for the conference as a partner for helping to promote the event. Would you be willing to help us promote this free conference via social media or any other outlet you see fit? I can email you marketing links and materials. 🙂 Thank you!!

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