D.I.Y: How to Build a 3-Bin Composting System From Pallets

Here’s how to build a 3-bin composting system from free, reclaimed wood pallets, so you’ll never run out of compost!

Composting is an ongoing activity for organic gardeners – it never ends, and you will always have compost that isn’t quite ready to use if you are continually adding to it, which is why it works best if you have more than one compost bin or pile. I currently have two piles, but three will allow you even more flexibility in the various stages of your compost.

The 3-bin composting system described below is designed to allow you to move compost from one bin to the next, which will help to aerate the piles and speed up decomposition as you stir up the materials during turning.

However, you could also choose a more passive “cold” composting method, and simply fill up one section at a time, without turning them at all. If you use this method, depending on how much materials you are adding to your compost, the first section should most likely be ready to use by the time you finish filling up the third. If you produce a lot of compostable materials (for example, if you raise animals and add their bedding to the compost), you may need to take a more active role and turn the materials to speed up the decomposition process.

This simple 3-bin composting system can be built for free in one afternoon, using repurposed wood pallets (be sure the pallets don’t contain any chemical residues or wood treatments that could leach chemicals into your compost).

For this project, you will need 7 untreated or heat-treated 4′ x 3’4″ pine pallets. Here’s how to build it:

Level a 4′ by 14′ space with a rake and shovel, and stand up two pallets (with the thicker stringer pieces parallel to the ground) to create a 90-degree, L-shaped angle. Nail the pallets together where the top and bottom stringers meet the slats, as detailed above. Attach a second side pallet the same way to create a three-sided, open-faced box. Again hammering in nails as detailed above, attach another back pallet and side pallet to complete the second open-faced box. Repeat until you have three attached, open-faced boxes.

See more details at the link below:

How to Build a Three-Bin Composter

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  • This is the very first time for me to know about how to build 3-bin composting system pallets. I think this is very effective for me. May I will try this on my compost system pallets.

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