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Maximize your growing season – and your garden space – with this free Succession Planting Calculator!

The summer is flying by, but there’s still plenty of time to plant or add to your garden – especially if you utilize the technique of succession planting. “Succession planting” is when you continuously plant in intervals, with the goal of harvesting a mature crop from the same space repeatedly throughout the season.

Planting successively throughout the garden season not only keeps the harvest going a lot longer, but also maximizes the use of your available garden space by providing multiple harvests out of the same area.

This is a great way to use your space more efficiently, and there are many different crops that can be planted in succession. Quick-growing crops such as salad greens, some root vegetables, and some types of herbs work well for continuous harvesting. But you can also plan ahead and fill in with fall crops after the early or mid-summer crops are harvested, such as potatoes, garlic, or peas.

So what’s the biggest problem with succession planting for most gardeners?

Figuring out planting dates!

Especially for new gardeners, it can be tricky to calculate those intervals for different types of crops based on your growing season length. Instead of trying to figure out your own calculations and track down all of the information from different places, use this free Succession Planting Calculator!

This Succession Planting Calculator makes it easy to calculate planting intervals for continuous planting, extending your harvest as far as possible throughout your growing season. Just enter your frost dates, and you’ll automatically get succession planting dates for 32 of the most common garden crops.

It’s super quick and easy to use, even for new gardeners!

Optimize your garden’s production by learning how to plant successively and get the best production from your garden, this year and beyond.

Get free access to the Succession Planting Calculator here!

Succession Planting Calculator

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