[Infographic] Best Herbs for Your Indoor Herb Garden

Brighten up your kitchen and home with an indoor herb garden this winter! Here are a few herbs to try growing…

The weather is starting to get chillier and it’s time to break out the scarves and sweaters in the back of our closets! It’s also time to finish harvesting and preparing our plants for the impending winter season – if you haven’t already. Most plants can’t endure the drop in temperature and go dormant or die in the cold weather, so we lose out on most florals and greenery during this time. Not to mention the significant lack of produce we’re able to grow during this time. Luckily, if we start an indoor herb garden, we won’t have to completely halt our gardening activities for the winter!

Herbs are a great way to add some fresh, fragrant greenery to our indoor living spaces during the winter. Indoor herb gardens can generally last all year-round and are easy to care for. Just make sure you keep your herbs in a sunny part of the house and water them about once or twice a week.

The cooler fall and winter seasons are also a great time for herb gardening since most of us do a lot of cooking around this time! Did you know that fresh herbs are much more flavorful than store-bought herbs? If you have your own herb garden, you can add herbs to any dish when they are the freshest. This means more tasty dishes for you and your family and fewer artificial flavor enhancers in your food. Not to mention, you can harvest many herbs multiple times throughout the winter months.

Below are a few herbs that you may want to consider for your indoor herb garden, along with some helpful growing tips:
indoor herb garden care guide
Source: Proflowers.com

Check out this indoor herb garden guide from ProFlowers to see what you need to know before you start your garden. They have a full list of recommended herbs that you should start with and what kind of care they need. In addition, they also have tips for styling and displaying your herb garden so you can efficiently use your available space. Peruse through their full guide so you can get started on your indoor herb garden in time for your holiday cooking!


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