[Infographic] Naturally Pest-Repellent Plants for Your Garden

Keep garden pests out of your summer garden by growing these naturally pest-repellent plants.

Summer is here and gardeners everywhere are celebrating the season of fresh, nutritious home-grown veggies! But along with our beautiful gardens come pesky garden pests…

While there are plenty of ways to control pests naturally, without resorting to harmful chemicals that may pollute the soil and groundwater and harm beneficial insects, the best pest control method of all is prevention.

You can use natural barriers such as netting or row cover to keep pests off of your plants, but you can also plant pest-repelling companion plants that will help deter specific pests from your garden. You can surround your garden with a barrier of a number of these pest-repellant plants, or plant selected varieties next to your crops that have specific pest problems.

Below are some naturally pest-repellant plants to consider for your garden – and the pests that they work best against:

Plants that Naturally Repel Pests
Source: Fix.com Blog


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