[Infographic] What’s Eating Your Plants? (A Visual Guide)

Got a mysterious pest problem? Here’s a quick visual guide to help you identify what’s eating your plants…

Few things are more frustrating for the gardener than to find your lovely garden plants damaged or even killed by some unknown insect pest. Many insects are quite sneaky, and figuring out exactly what’s eating your plants so you can come up with a treatment plan can be tricky at best.

Some insects only come out and feed at night or in the early morning or late evening, when you aren’t as likely to be out in the garden to see them. Others lay eggs and then depart quickly, leaving only tiny eggs to indicate their presence – at least, until the larvae hatch and begin to feed. Still other pests may hide under leaves, in the mulch or soil around the base of the plant, or even inside the plant itself, boring holes into the stem and taking up residence inside – often causing the quick and seemingly mysterious death of your plants.

The organic gardener must maintain a constant state of vigilance, keeping a close eye out for the first signs of insect infestations, as well as watching for egg sacs or other signs of pests before they become a big problem.

Learning what types of damage are caused by each type of insect will help you to catch and correct pest problems before they become severe.

While this is not by any means an exhaustive list, the graphic below may be helpful in learning to identify signs of pest damage in your garden:

How to Recognize Garden Pests by Leaf Damage
Source: Fix.com Blog


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