Review: 3 Tier Stackable Garden Indoor Vertical Planter Set

This vertical stackable garden planter is a great way to grow herbs or other small plants in your own kitchen.

If you are looking for a great way to grow herbs indoors, you might want to check out the 3-Tier Stackable Garden by Mr. Stacky. This unique stackable planter is actually just one single container, but it has three tiers and multiple little pots on each tier so you can grow herbs, strawberries, and succulents all in one container.

This is a very convenient way to plant an indoor garden if you don’t have a lot of space. All you really need is a counter top or shelf by a window with room to place this vertical planter and you can grow multiple things at once. Imagine having fresh herbs in your kitchen every day, delicious and juicy strawberries, and even some pretty plants or succulents that you grew yourself.

This 3-tier stackable garden indoor vertical planter set has a total of 12 pots. You could plant strawberries in each pot, or herbs on one level and succulents on the others, or just mix and match as much as you like. Each of the pots is on the smaller side, so it is not meant to hold large plants. However, it works great for strawberries, or for a small amount of herbs in each small pot. These features make this gardening container best for beginners. Many users have mentioned that it is very easy to put together and lightweight.

This planter is also great for people who are new to growing herbs indoors, since you don’t have to water each one individually.

All you have to do is water the top pot, and water then flows down to the remaining pots through the vertical design. There are drip trays to gather the excess water at the bottom, so you won’t have a mess if you water a bit too much. The planter holds a total of 14 quarts of soil. It was made right here in the USA, and you can find it online for a very reasonable price.

One disadvantage to keep in mind  when considering this stackable 3-tier vertical planter is that if you try to move the entire thing when it is put together, some of the pots might move around or even fall off.  For this reason, is best to assemble the planter where you want to keep it. Try to put the container in the area near a window where it will remain before filling the pots just in case.

Also keep in mind that while the planter is labeled as being a terra cotta color, the material is not actually made of terra cotta. It is made of plastic, including all pots and tiers.

All in all, this is a convenient, high-quality stackable indoor garden container great for a small indoor garden.

You can find it on and online garden stores.


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