[Video] 2 Unusual Ways to Enjoy Your End-of-Season Tomatoes

Tired of the same old fried green tomatoes? Here are a few unique ways to enjoy your end-of-season tomato harvest!

Now that fall has officially arrived, you may be thinking about picking the last of the tomatoes and clearing out the old plants. But before you do, the video below shares a few interesting ways to make use of the last of your green tomatoes – and even your tomato plants.

Besides the classic fried green tomatoes, there are a number of other tasty ways to enjoy green tomatoes. The video below shares a few of them, including my favorite – green tomato pickles! I have not tried the curry-flavored variety she shows below, but I’m definitely planning to try it this fall if we have any green tomatoes left over (most of ours all ripened early this year).

Believe it or not, you can also eat tomato leaves! Keep in mind that these can be toxic in large quantities, and those with allergies to nightshade plants should definitely not eat them. However, in small amounts, fresh tomato leaves can add a unique flavor to recipes. Be sure to pick only the tender, new leaves at the tips of the plants if you want to try this.

Watch the video below for these and other unusual ideas for enjoying your late-season tomatoes:

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