[Video] An Easy Way to Transform Poor Soil Into Garden Gold

Use this cheap and easy method to help transform poor soil into a rich, healthy growing medium…

If you live in an area with poor soil as many gardeners do, there can be a lot of work involved in growing a healthy garden. It can take years to improve your soil, and doing so may require spending quite a bit of money on additives like compost or manure. However, there is no doubt that the time and effort is worth it if you want to grow a truly healthy and productive garden. That said, if you can afford to spend a little extra time waiting for results, there are easier and cheaper ways to improve your soil over time. One of the best, in our experience, is mulching with wood chips.

Some gardeners swear by wood chips – see the Eden Method. But others have reported less-than-stellar results. From the research we have done, as well as our own experience, I would say that your success will largely depend on how you use your chips. Putting them anywhere where they will be mixed into the soil is not a good idea, as they will pull nutrients from the soil as they decompose. However, spreading a thick layer of wood chips on top of the soil over a period of several years can actually make a huge difference to the health of your soil – take a look at the video below to see an example of how they can transform poor soil:

We use wood chips in all of our garden pathways and around flower beds in the yard. We only put them on the actual beds where we have perennial plants and shrubs, so they won’t end up getting mixed into the soil. We have had extremely good results – especially with the drainage issues that our property suffers from. Using wood chips has turned our garden into a lovely and (mostly) tidy area even after heavy rains – as opposed to the mucky swamp full of standing water that it used to be before we started using the chips. It is also MUCH easier to weed, and there are relatively few weeds in our garden at all most of the time.

Where can you get wood chips? In many areas, they are relatively easy to find throughout the spring and summer – and in many cases, you may be able to get them for FREE! Check with local arborists or tree services in your area, or look into Chip Drop – a free service that is available in many cities across the U.S..


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