[Video] How to Build a Raised Bed

Want to add a raised bed to your garden? Here’s how to do it…

Raised beds are one of the most popular gardening methods, and although they are not suitable for all growing conditions (for example, hot dry climates, where raised garden beds may dry out too fast), they boast a number of advantages for many gardeners. Improved yields, fewer weeds, and easier maintenance are just a few reasons why many gardeners choose to garden in a raised bed.

You can build raised bed frames from a number of different materials, but wood is typically the most common choice. While some gardeners do use concrete, brick, or plastic frames, wood is typically the sturdiest, most durable, and safest option for gardening. Raised garden bed kits are available for purchase, but it is typically much cheaper (and almost as easy) just to build them from scratch.

The short video below explains more about the benefits of gardening in raised beds, as well as some tips for choosing the right location, size, and materials. He also demonstrates how easy it is to build a raised bed frame.

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