[Video] Early Garden Tips: Warming Soil & Protecting Seedlings

Getting ready to plant? Watch this short video for some helpful early garden tips for warming the soil to planting temperature, and keeping your baby plants warm at night.

It’s time to get planting!  Or nearly, anyway. But you will want to make sure your soil is warm enough for planting early seeds such as lettuce or peas. If the soil is too cold, the seeds will not germinate and may just rot in the ground. This quick video shares some helpful tips for raising the temperature of your soil to allow you to get planting sooner.

You will also want to make sure your new little seedlings are safe from cold nights when it’s time to transplant indoor starts outside. The video shares several different methods of keeping your plants from getting too cold during cold snaps or cool nights. I really like the water bottle technique – I used this last year for a few weeks with my tomato seedlings and it seemed to work really well. I just left the filled bottles in the sun all day to warm up, and then placed them around the baby seedlings at night.

Watch the video for more early garden tips:

Rose S.

An avid gardener since childhood, I love sharing my passion for gardening with others! I have gardened in a number of different climates and settings, from large fenced garden plots, to tiny patio and container gardens, and I firmly believe that everyone can learn to grow at least some of their own food - no matter where you live. Growing your own food can help you take control of your own health and food supply, and there has never been a better time to get started!

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