[Video] Giant Pumpkin Seed Secrets the Stores Won’t Tell You

Want to try your hand at growing a giant pumpkin? Instead of paying top dollar, here’s a great way to get giant pumpkin seeds for free!

If you’ve ever tried to grow giant pumpkins, you probably know that the seeds come at a hefty price. Some giant pumpkin seeds can go for $50 apiece, and if you try to buy them at the store, they are often not the seeds you think you’re buying (find out why in the video below).

Buying a giant pumpkin and saving the seeds can also be quite pricey. County-fair-sized pumpkins often go for hundreds of dollars.

What if you could get these seeds for no cost at all (other than a bit of work), and make sure you’re getting the biggest, healthiest seeds that are most likely to grow a giant pumpkin? Find out how in this video – now is the time to be on the lookout for giant pumpkin seeds to plant next spring!

Rose S.

An avid gardener since childhood, I love sharing my passion for gardening with others! I have gardened in a number of different climates and settings, from large fenced garden plots, to tiny patio and container gardens, and I firmly believe that everyone can learn to grow at least some of their own food - no matter where you live. Growing your own food can help you take control of your own health and food supply, and there has never been a better time to get started!

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