[Video] How to Build a Wormery

Learn how to build a wormery to create loads of nutritious compost to feed your garden!

Earthworms are your squirmy, wormy friends in the garden! Worms are not only one of the most important elements of healthy soil, but they are also one of the fastest ways to create awesome compost. They will be hard at work in your compost pile already, but if you want to speed up the process and create an ongoing source of compost for your garden, you may want to build a wormery.

Building your own wormery is a great way to provide your garden with lots of nutritious worm compost (or “vermicompost“) to enrich and build your soil – as well as “worm tea” to feed your indoor and outdoor plants. It’s also surprisingly easy and inexpensive, and you can even keep your wormery in a basement or garage to keep it going throughout the winter. It won’t take up much space and is a great way to make compost if you live in an apartment or aren’t allowed to have an outdoor compost pile in your neighborhood.

Watch this short video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a wormery:


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