[Video] How to Create An Efficient Irrigation Plan

It’s hot out, and your garden needs water! Creating an effective irrigation plan will help keep your plants healthy, and improve efficiency, without wasting your water resources.

Hot summer days are hard on your plants, and you need to make sure they have plenty of water to survive and produce a good crop for you. Putting an efficient irrigation plan in place can help reduce work for you, and eliminate wasted water as well.

By collecting water when it rains (we use an old cistern for this), you can reduce water bills, and keep your garden well watered throughout the hot summer months.

Using efficient watering methods such as drip irrigation is also important to avoid wasting water and provide your plants with the water they need, right where they need it most.

The video below shares some helpful ideas for keeping your plants watered – even when you may be away on vacation. It also shows how to design an effective drip irrigation plan for your garden using a garden planner tool – though you can also pick up some great ideas for use without the planner tool as well.

If you have a large garden, you may want to utilize a garden planner to plan out your drip irrigation layout.

Online Garden Planning Tool

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