[Video] How to Cure Onions for Winter Storage

Give your onions a longer shelf life by curing them properly before storing them for the winter. Watch this to learn how…

Unfortunately, our onions were a total bust this year (I replanted 3 times, and every time the seedlings mysteriously disappeared as soon as they came up), but if you do have a crop of homegrown onions, curing your onions properly for winter storage will help them last a lot longer in your pantry.

The most important thing is to make sure that they are fully dry. Wet stems can lead to rot, and onions are prone to rotting from the inside, meaning you often won’t even notice until it’s too late. (Harvesting your onions at the right time is an important first step, so check out this video to learn more about that.)

In this short video, Melissa Norris from the Pioneering Today podcast explains a couple of different options for curing your onions, as well as some tips for success. Following these steps will help to keep your onions fresh and shelf-stable for months to come.


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