[Video] How to Make a Wicking Bed

Learn how to make your own wicking bed to keep your garden growing during hot, dry weather…

While many areas of the U.S. have been unusually wet this summer, other areas are suffering from drought. If you’re gardening in a drought, you know how difficult it can be to keep your plants happy and healthy when week after week goes by with no rain. One solution that many gardeners in dry climates have found helpful is the use of a wicking garden bed.

Wicking beds can be a great way to save water and grow your own fresh vegetables in hot, dry climates. These self-watering beds have a reservoir of water in the base, allowing the soil to “wick” water up to your plants’ roots when needed.

You can purchase wicking bed kits online or at some garden stores, but they can be expensive. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to make your own using recycled materials. This video provides a short tutorial for making your own wicking bed:


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