[Video] How to Sharpen & Care For Your Garden Tools

There’s nothing like a sharp tool – am I right? Watch this quick and informative video to learn how to sharpen your garden tools for better performance & longer life…

As you get ready to head into spring garden season, now is a good time to make sure your garden tools are in tip-top shape.

Ideally, it’s a great idea to clean and sharpen your tools in the fall before you put them away for the winter, but if you forgot (or didn’t have time) last fall, no worries – you can still get that done now! This quick video provides a quick overview of how to clean, sharpen, maintain and store your tools, so they’ll be all ready to go just in time to put them to work in the garden!

Clean and well-maintained tools make your work easier in the garden, and help to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Watch this short video now to learn how to give your tools a little TLC, as well as how to build your own quick, cheap, and easy tool storage rack…


Rose S.

An avid gardener since childhood, I love sharing my passion for gardening with others! I have gardened in a number of different climates and settings, from large fenced garden plots, to tiny patio and container gardens, and I firmly believe that everyone can learn to grow at least some of their own food - no matter where you live. Growing your own food can help you take control of your own health and food supply, and there has never been a better time to get started!

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