[Video] How to Make a Christmas Wreath From Your Garden

Let’s have some holiday decorating fun! Here’s an easy way to make a cheery Christmas wreath using materials from your own garden and yard.

I love the holidays! Christmas music, sparkling lights, good food, holiday cheer… Admiring all the decorations is so much fun, but this is also a great opportunity to make your own decorations as well. And what could be better than decorating your home with your own Christmas wreath made from materials collected from your own yard and garden? The quick video below demonstrates how to make a simple Christmas wreath that you can hang on your front door or elsewhere to add some jolly holiday spirit to your home this holiday season.

Wreaths are easy to make uniquely yours simply by choosing materials that appeal to you. You can use pine or spruce twigs, pine cones, ivy, holly, holly berries, twigs, dry grasses or dried flowers from your garden, or other materials available in your yard to build your wreath. Or make a beautiful and amazingly aromatic wreath using fresh herbs such as rosemary and sage! Need some color? Try stringing some fresh cranberries together using a needle and thread, and wrap around your wreath for a flash of holiday color.

Here’s a quick how-to video for making your own Christmas wreath:

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