[Video] The Easiest Way to Cure Sweet Potatoes

Get the most flavor & longevity out of your sweet potato harvest with this super easy way to cure sweet potatoes…

As we discussed in our sweet potato growing guide, if you want your sweet potatoes to taste amazing and last for months in storage, you’ll need to cure them after harvesting. This process of drying the roots in a warm, humid location for several days helps to set the sugars and toughen the skins so that your sweet potatoes will keep for a long time – and they’ll taste better too!

Properly cured sweet potatoes can keep from several months up to a year, if stored in a cool, dry, dark location, so you can enjoy your harvest for longer.

There are many ways to cure your yams – from a closet or bathroom with a space heater, to electric blankets, ovens with lights, and other creative solutions. However, one of the simplest methods may be the technique described in this video from the Millennial Gardener.

Learn how to cure sweet potatoes without a lot of space, hassle, or expense with this easy heat mat method. Watch and  learn:

  • When To Harvest Sweet Potatoes
  • Removing And Mulching Sweet Potato Vines
  • #1 Tip When Growing Sweet Potatoes
  • Restoring The Sweet Potato Garden Bed
  • How To Cure Sweet Potatoes: 2 Steps
  • A Revolutionary Method For Curing Sweet Potatoes
  • How To Set Up The Seedling Heat Mat Thermostat
  • The Warm Sweet Potato Curing Process
  • The Cool Sweet Potato Curing Process
  • And more!

Check it out – and let us know what you think in the comments!


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