[Video] Which Fertilizers Are Best for Indoor Herb Gardening?

Growing herbs indoors can be a rewarding way to grow some of your own food during the winter months – or year-round. Here are some tips for fertilizing your indoor herb plants.

Herbs are generally easy to grow, and do very well in containers. Like most plants, herbs need sunshine, water, and fertilizer to grow well. You definitely want to make sure you use only organic fertilizers on your indoor herbs, which will be in the house with you and your family and pets. Never use chemicals on indoor plants!

This short video shares some good ideas for safe, natural, organic fertilizers perfect for using on your indoor herb garden.

Rose S.

An avid gardener since childhood, I love sharing my passion for gardening with others! I have gardened in a number of different climates and settings, from large fenced garden plots, to tiny patio and container gardens, and I firmly believe that everyone can learn to grow at least some of their own food - no matter where you live. Growing your own food can help you take control of your own health and food supply, and there has never been a better time to get started!

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